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1. Making the best use of lessons.

When you undertake one of our courses, there are a number of things you can do to help you get the most from the sessions.

Generally, we give a course of 12 lessons, but these can pass very quickly, so it makes sense to maximise their value.


Here is a quick checklist:


• Minimise interruptions during the session. Phone calls, visitors and interruptions from family members (including pets) can destroy your concentration and greatly reduce the effectiveness of your training.


• If you are not feeling very well, let your tutor know before the start of the session. Many of our clients suffer from health issues and we are well used to having to put off appointments. Do not feel embarrassed if you have to cancel a session because of ill-health. It is better to do that than waste both your own and your tutor's time because you are unable to concentrate.


• If you don't understand anything or have forgotten something, say so ! Our tutors are used to repeating themselves and they won't hold it against you. Repetition is the key to learning.


• Finally, and most importantly, PRACTICE! If you have covered a particular function or process and you don't use it again before your next lesson, you will most likely have forgotten it. Try and use it during the period between lessons and if you have difficulties, you can discuss your problems with your tutor at the next visit.

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